Breathing dysfunctions

ostepathy for breathing dysfunctions

Breathing dysfunctions

What is it

Breathing not only sustains our lives and health by getting oxygen to and removing CO₂ from every cell and tissue in our body, but it also affects the way we move and think, our posture, our metabolism, the chemical processes happening in our body - and much more. When our breathing becomes dysfunctional, it can no longer efficiently respond to our needs, which then leads to negative consequences for our body, such as worsening our pain.

What triggers it

The stresses of everyday life, as well as injury and illness, can lead to our breathing becoming dysfunctional, most of the time without us even realising. A common result our osteos see is that a person's breathing becomes habitually shallow, where despite continuing to breathe in and out and seeming normal and healthy, they draw very little breath into their lungs, instead only drawing the air into the chest.

Our technique

Our first priority is to understand the cause of your disordered breathing. Often, we are able to uncover a mechanical issue in the body where there is a lack of mobility in the chest, rib cage, spine, or the muscles responsible for breathing and posture. Once identified, we use hands-on mobilisation and manipulation to treat these mechanical issues, getting to the root of the problem and allowing you to breathe easy.