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Do I need a referral to see an Osteopath?

You do not need a referral to see an osteopath and you can book an appointment directly with us. If you have suffered and injury that is covered by ACC then we can lodge an ACC claim for you.

What shall I bring to my appointment?

If you have any x-rays or test results which are relevant, please bring them along. Alternatively, we have direct access to most radiology providers and can view results online.

What shall I bring to me appointment with my baby?

Please bring nappies and a change of clothes, as it is common for babies to have a bowel movement during treatment. Be prepared to breast or bottle feed your baby, as often an osteopath will assess and treat your baby while feeding. Bring any favourite toy to interact with your baby and your baby wellness book, to review birthing details.

What shall I wear?

Comfortable loose clothing is helpful as we will usually be moving parts of your body. You can bring shorts or appropriate clothing to change into. 

What can I expect at my appointment?

We will discuss a treatment plan and complete initial history. This will include medications, previous accidents or health issues. We will then complete an assessment of your body as a whole, checking mobility and balance in the body. There may be other clinical tests we require which we can organise for you. We will discuss a treatment plan and complete and initial treatment with you.

How long will this take?

Our appointments are for 30 minutes. We find most problems can be resolved with 3-5 visits. Sometimes 1-2 visits are all that is required, but more complex or older injuries may take longer. Your osteopath will give you a treatment plan and explain our expectations. We will work with you to resolve your problems effectively and efficiently.

What type of treatment can I expect?

As osteopaths we provide holistic manual therapy, individualised to patients needs. Our team of osteopaths are trained to provide a broad range of treatment techniques.