osteopaths for children



Children can often reap the greatest rewards of osteopathy care early in life. This is as early strains and dysfunction can be promptly addressed before they have a chance to turn into bigger problems later in life. This is much like how a young sapling will grow around a post that is in its way, with its growth and direction being less ideal than if the post had been removed. The symptoms you may see include growing pains, muscle tension and pains, unexplained tummy aches, odd walking patterns, breathing difficulties that may contribute to asthma, unexpected behaviour, unusual posture, difficulty concentrating, and many more.

Our technique

With young, flexible and adaptable bodies comes the great benefit of responding very well to care that helps bring children’s bodies back in line, re-establishing healthy movement patterns and overall body function. Our osteopaths use gentle and painless hands-on care to mobilise the body and remove that post in their way so your young sapling can grow to its full potential. Due to their age, children tend to respond very quickly and effectively, with parents able to notice distinct differences in the way they move, feel, and their behaviour.