Headaches and migraines

girl with migrane osteopathy

Headaches and migraines

What is it

The pounding, squeezing or piercing pain of a headache or migraine is something many of us are familiar with, yet many shrug it off or simply take pain relief without ever looking into the underlying cause in their body as a way to manage and prevent their symptoms. With headaches and migraines often disrupting our work, social activities or ability to simply enjoy a quiet night at home, our osteopaths take recurring headaches and migraines of any severity very seriously.

What triggers it

The most common type of headache that we see and treat is one that originates from the neck. Other causes include eye strain, stress, poor posture, dehydration, jaw misalignment (for example, after dental work), and a sinus infection. During a headache, specific nerves are activated that affect muscle and blood vessels, with the surrounding nerves sending pain signals to the brain. During a migraine, it is thought that nerve cells may overreact to the trigger, leading to temporary chemical changes in the brain that result in painful symptoms.

Our technique

After assessing the structural changes in your body that may be leading to headache-inducing dysfunction, we’ll use hands-on techniques to improve your joint mobility (particularly in the cervical spine), reduce muscular tension and nerve irritation, and improve blood supply and drainage to and from the head and neck. We’ll then go through lifestyle factors, posture and ergonomic recommendations, and any exercises or stretches that may help.