Lower back pain

ostepathy for lower back pain demonstration

Lower back pain

What is it

Low back pain is frustrating, debilitating and a problem we take very seriously. While some of our clients have an ‘acute’ episode of low back pain, meaning that their symptoms started in the past six weeks, others suffer chronic, persistent or fluctuating low back pain for months, if not years, indicating to us that the deeper underlying cause has not been addressed. By uncovering the source of your pain and dysfunction, we can help reduce your pain, and improve quality of life and long-term health.

What triggers it

Lower back pain can be caused by the muscles and ligaments attaching to the spine, pelvis and hips. However, there are also many triggers that can stem from other factors such as hormone imbalance. It’s our job to look at your body as a cohesive unit, assess the true cause of your pain, and explain exactly why you’re feeling the symptoms that you are.

Our technique

After excluding serious medical conditions that need further investigation as the cause of your back pain, our osteopaths use a range of hands-on techniques to mobilise the relevant joints and areas identified during our assessment that may not be functioning as we’d expect. By diminishing your muscle tension, inflammation and nerve irritation, we help reduce the duration and frequency of your low back pain episodes, help prevent future episodes, and provide guidance on posture, exercise and rehabilitation.