Neck pain

neck pain osteopathy demonstration

Neck pain

What is it

We don’t realise how much we move our neck in everyday life until neck pain starts and makes everyday activities like looking at our kids in the back seat very difficult. The symptoms of neck pain don’t stay limited to the neck either, and can result in headaches, muscle spasms and pain in the arms or shoulders for many of our clients.

What triggers it

The underlying problem of strained muscles ligaments, or trapped nerves can have a range of causes such as your sleeping position, poor posture, as part of sports or work injuries, and often after car accidents due to the speed that the body is travelling and the forceful movement of the neck during impact. Other times, a previous injury in another area of the body may have left the body compensating with suboptimal movement patterns, which place a greater strain on the neck in everyday life.

Our technique

In our experience, successful treatments for even the most severe cases of neck pain are commonplace in babies, adults and older adults alike, with the key being starting treatment as soon as possible. We use a range of hands-on techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilisation as well as manipulating the body, with exercise therapy used to support healing and repair. Our technique centres around restoring your body to a place where it can do what it’s designed to do: heal, repair and support your well-being for life.