Postnatal care

post natal osteopaths

Postnatal care


Pregnancy is a long journey for a woman, with the effects carrying on long after the birth. Any pre-existing stresses and strains your body is already carrying can be exacerbated during your pregnancy, which places the body under great strain. The birth then adds significant challenges, particularly if your delivery was long or difficult, you had a c-section, or an epidural was used. In the fourth trimester, poor sleep and breastfeeding demands can then subject new mothers to additional strain, fatigue, movement difficulties, postural problems and more.

Our technique

We have a team of women’s health osteopaths who are very knowledgeable about the challenges that pregnancy and childbirth brings, and are skilled in working with new mothers. Our gentle hands-on techniques are designed to help mother’s bodies recover, alleviate their strains, and improve their comfort and quality of life throughout the postpartum period so they can focus on spending quality time with their new baby. This care can also help set you up with the best foundations for another pregnancy in the future.