pregnancy osteopaths



Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time, but the large changes to our body doesn’t leave all of us glowing. Our ligaments soften and become more flexible, our blood volume can double, there are a lot of shifts that happen internally to accommodate our growing baby - and our centre of gravity shifts forwards, changing the stress and forces that our joints, muscles and tissues take on significantly. The result is that many women experience low energy levels, tire easily, find it difficult to concentrate or get comfortable, and experience a range of pains, particularly in the back, pelvis, feet and legs.

Our technique

While others are quick to tell you that the discomfort you feel is just a normal part of pregnancy, we see these symptoms as an indication that the body’s balance isn’t quite right, and it can use a little help. Using gentle hands-on osteopathic techniques, we can address many (if not all) of your symptoms, so you can enjoy your pregnancy journey as much as possible. Having care to balance your pelvis, alongside other joints and muscles, before you go into labour can also help both you and your baby during birth.