Sports injuries

woman working through sports injury

Sports injuries

What is it

A sports injury is any injury sustained during exercise - whether that’s on the court with your team, or when you’re out for a casual jog on your own. For most of us, exercise is a cornerstone of our physical and mental health and wellbeing. So, when an injury occurs that interferes with our ability to stay active and mobile, or causes us pain every time we try to participate, it can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening, especially when we’re not sure why it’s not going away. Sports injuries we often treat include muscle, tendon or ligament strains or sprains, as well as injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip or groin, knee, ankle and foot.

What triggers it

Sports injuries are either classified as trauma, such as from a collision or accidental misstep that leads to a fall, or as an overuse injury, where our muscles, ligaments and tendons are strained from being used in a way that they weren’t designed to, or with more force than they can safely handle. While the cause of some injuries is straightforward, many injuries gradually develop over time, meaning the damage has been building up long before it gets to the point where pain finally begins.

Our technique

Our technique combines working to treat the injury, with understanding the way that body instinctively seeks to heal and repair, which requires us to look to the areas beyond the injury to help improve the blood flow, drainage and flexibility to the area. Treating the injury involves using hands-on techniques to reduce pain and address muscle and tissue imbalances, and joint mobility and alignment issues across the body. If the deeper causes are ignored, and only the symptoms are treated, then many people will experience repeated injuries without understanding why.